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A lot of you may know me from Tucson’s Soccer Academy, Tucson’s Metro Soccer League or Tucsonan’s favorite restaurant, Vivace`. Being from a family of silk-root merchants- I have always been surrounded by the creation, maintenance and value of thousands of rugs from all over the world.  In the year of 1986, my cousin introduced me to the trading and importation of fine rugs. Falling in love with the trade, I originally started selling rugs out of my very own home. As we continued to expand, we decided to finally open my very own showroom in Tucson, Arizona in 2008. Since then, we have grown to be one of the premier rug merchants of Arizona.  We now pride ourselves as a BBB accredited local business, providing cleaning, repair and restoration services for all rugs.


Our state-of-the-art cleaning plant is located in Phoenix, Arizona. Our rug cleaning workshop is supervised by a native artisan that has extensive experience in rug weaving and design. With first-hand experience in dyeing of wool yarns and knowledge of what yarns have been used in the last century; we are equipped to determine which cleaning method is best for your treasured rug. Proper cleaning makes rugs vibrant, soft and most importantly, extends the life of your valuable rug.  No matter the issue, you will find that we are committed to personal attention and service from the very beginning.


Rug cleaning is a fine craftsmanship. What has made our rug cleaning so successful is our love for the history and craftsmanship of each rug, and our true passion to satisfying each of our clients. Our service starts with Ebie personally visiting your home/office and inspecting your rug thoroughly, educating you about the rug and inspecting the potential problems that have occurred over time. This personal service continues until the completion and return of your rug.

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