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Complimentary Consultation and Pick up: Ebie will come to your home, perform an initial inspection and provide you with an estimate. If you are satisfied with the quote, we will then take and deliver your rug to our state of the art Area Rug cleaning plant.

Rug Cleaning Plant: Once your rug is in our plant, we look for rug damages, such as: dry/wet rot, discoloration, pet damages, mold, staining, rotten fringes, etc. Depending on the nature of your rug, a specific rug cleaning treatment is then proposed by our skilled rug artisan.

Dusting: In the old days, we would hang rugs and whip them with a stick to remove excess dust. With today’s technology, however; we have much more effective options.

The most effective method we recently started using is the RugBadger. The RugBadger works by applying the power of about 40,000 harmonic vibrations/min on both sides on the rug. These powerful yet gentle pressurized vibrations push out any dust/dirt particles prior to washing, which results in a much more efficient wash and cleaner rug overall.


Clear Cold Water Wash & Rinse: Using only approved and gentle cleaning agents, this hand wash process involves the elimination of infestations, odors and stains.  This rug wash process involves continuously running cold water on the rug and is repeated until the water from the rug runs completely clear.


Drying and Final Touches: Once the rugs have been thoroughly cleaned, they are placed in our drying room. Hung by racks, they are left to dry naturally. Once they are fully dry, we also make sure that each of the individual fringes have also been thoroughly cleaned and groomed.

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